A simple and fun way to learn a new language!

EMS develops and produces digital educational tools for language teachers and the content is specially written for young people. The services are used to supplement existing teaching materials and are designed to inspire and motivate young people in a most effective way.

The digital content is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German and Swedish.

The EMS selection is available for computers, tablets and smartphones and the product is intuitive in its design. No training is required which makes it very easy to implement NewsTicker, NewsLetter, iCatcher and HitTicker in everyday language teaching.

EMS digital tools are available worldwide and do not need to be customised for use in a specific region. All students who study for example Spanish as a second language, can use the tools effortlessly - regardless of which country they live in.

EMS aims to assist teachers in facilitating the ongoing teaching process and simultaneously, provide students with inspirational and motivational materials that are constantly updated and renewed with the help of modern technology.

Five news articles are published every Monday morning in each language. The articles are based on current events in the countries where the studied language is spoken and the content aims to be of interest to young people e.g. sports, entertainment, technology, fashion and popular culture.

Each article is accompanied by an audio recording as well as exercises and a glossary.

Difficulty levels range from A2 to B2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

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EMS produces video reportages called "iCatcher". A new 5-6 minute video is produced each month in each language giving students an insight into the country/area being studied. The films are specially produced for young people and aim to capture traditions, events, attractions, interesting people and fascinating phenomena. iCatcher provides students with invaluable knowledge about how young people live in the featured country as well as exposing them to different dialects and pronunciation.

Each movie is accompanied by multiple choice questions with feedback, exercises and a glossary relevant to the film's content.

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Music is made use in language teaching through EMS' "HitTicker" service. A hit song from each country is handpicked each month by a local producer. The song is produced in a karaoke version with synchronised text, which allows teachers to give the students the opportunity to practice pronunciation in a most entertaining way.

EMS archive currently contains over 450 songs from the English, Spanish, French, German and Swedish charts.

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