NewsTicker is EMS news service that delivers up-to-date news articles in each language. Five articles are published every Monday morning from early September to late May and they are based on current news handpicked by our local writers.

The topics covered are those that are of interest to young people, for example: sport, entertainment, technology, fashion and pop culture. Each article is proof-read before publication and sensitive topics are avoided. We make sure, of course, that the language used is contemporary, varied, correct, and appropriate for the target group.

Each NewsTicker is delivered with a title, subtitle, article text, quiz questions, exercises and a glossary along with an appropriate picture and an audio file where the student can hear the article read aloud. The difficulty levels include A2, B1 and B2, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Currently articles are available in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

NewsTicker is delivered along with a searchable archive, which includes all previously published articles. The archive can be explored by keyword, subject and category. At present the NewsTicker archive holds more than 28 000 historical articles spread over the five languages.

For more information regarding compatible platforms etc please refer to Technical specifications.


At the beginning of each month, a summary of all NewsTicker articles from the previous month is made into a NewsLetter in each language. The PDF summary can be downloaded, printed and used in offline language teaching. Each PDF article contains a QR code to easily access the audio file of the article via the students mobile phone or tablet/iPad.

The monthly NewsLetter can also be downloaded from an EMS archive service, which currently contains approximately 28 000 items in total.


EMS publishes a monthly video reportage, iCatcher, in each language. The films are approximately 4 - 6 minutes long and contains interesting and relevant subject matter from the country/countries where each language is spoken. Local filmmakers produce the videos and they aim to capture local traditions, exciting events, attractions, sporting events and more. Different dialects are also explored in order to provide students with a broader knowledge and understanding of the language studied.

A new iCatcher in each language is published on the first day of each month, from September to June. The video reportage comes with exercises, a printable script and multiple choice questions with "feedback". The environment is interactive; if the student gives the wrong answer to a question, the film automatically jumps to the part of the film that is relevant to that particular question. A glossary of words from each movie is also included.

Students are invited to have a say in the content of their own learning materials. By sending a mail to our local film producers, via a function in iCatcher, the student can make a request about the content of future iCatcher films. iCatchers are produced continually throughout the school term and are not recorded in advance.

EMS is currently producing iCatchers in English, French, Spanish, German and Swedish. The archive contains over 400 iCatchers distributed across the five languages and is, of course, being added to every month.

For more information on compatible platforms etc please refer to Technical specifications.


HitTicker is our exciting Karaoke service with popular songs from England, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Music has always inspired people and EMS' idea of using music in language teaching has proven to be greatly appreciated.

A new song in each language is published the first day of each month from September to June. The music is selected from the charts in respective countries by our local producers who make a "cover" of a popular song. It is published in two versions. The first version includes vocals; the second version is purely instrumental.

Students get to practice their pronunciation by first singing along with the song and then, when they become sufficiently confident, progress to the instrumental version for their very own solo rendition. Everyone gets to become a star!

HitTicker is one of our fastest growing services. The archive contains over 450 songs spread across the five languages, which, needless to say, increases monthly.

For more information on compatible platforms etc please refer to Technical specifications.

Technical specifications

All products are manufactured with the latest HTML5 technology and to avoid incompatibility, we have opted out of Flash, etc. The product’s graphic appearance is automatically adapted depending on the platform used.

All products work on computers (Mac and PC), iPad, iPhone and Android.

We support the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Explorer.

EMS service requires the latest version of each browser installed. The browser must support HTML5 and CSS3, as well as JavaScript and media playback.

Should problems arise, the latest version of the browser should first be installed and tested before contacting EMS support.

Product-specific data regarding broadband specifications:

NewsTicker: The audio file is sent with audio streaming protocol 96 kb/s.
iCatcher: The video broadcasts according to video streaming protocol with the following data rates:
  • Computer (small inset) 800 kb/s 360p25
  • Computer (full screen) 1.8 Mb/s 1080p25
  • Mobile platforms 1 Mb/s 720p25
HitTicker: The music file is sent with audio streaming protocol 128 kb/s.
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