Our mission

Educational Media Supplier AB is based in Sweden but has customers, producers and employees worldwide. Our goal is to provide students, who are learning a second language, with interesting, entertaining and motivating educational material. The range of products we offer is completely digital and is accessible for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Our mission is to make our products available for language teachers in the most efficient way in each area. This is done through exclusive partnerships with local partners in the countries in which we are active.

Company Profile (schools)

EMS digital services are used as supplementary teaching materials by language teachers in ongoing language teaching. Our range consists of:

  • Current news articles (NewsTicker and NewsLetter)
  • Video reportages (iCatcher)
  • Karaoke songs (HitTicker)

The combined usage of these services results in a motivating, versatile and relevant resource, ideal for modern language teaching. All materials are specially produced for the target group which comprises young people aged between twelve and sixteen.

The content of EMS learning materials is derived from the countries where each respective language is spoken. If a student is studying Spanish as a second language, News Ticker and News Letter will feature up-to-date Spanish news reports. Similarly, iCatcher films will be produced in Spanish-speaking countries and HitTicker songs will be selected from the current hit charts in the Hispanic world.

Together, these materials provide students with an exciting and motivating connection between their language studies and the country/region in which the language is spoken.

EMS digital selection promotes development of the following:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • Knowledge and understanding of different traditions, dialects, local events, etc.

EMS services are self-explanatory and no training is required to commence using them.

NewsTicker, NewsLetter, iCatcher and HitTicker are currently produced in English, Spanish, French, German and Swedish. The archive contains more than 28 000 NewsTicker articles, over 400 iCatcher videos and more than 450 HitTicker songs; and is added to monthly.

Please contact us if you are interested in subscribing to our services.

Company Profile (partners)

EMS digital services are delivered via the Internet and used as a supplementary teaching resource in continuous language teaching.

Our partners are often large publishers who sell subscriptions directly to schools or companies/organisations who uses EMS products as marketing. Given that each country is unique and at different stages of digital development, EMS strives to find the most efficient path of distribution to reach language teachers and their students in each area.

Educational software, generally speaking, is currently distributed in two ways:

  • The school pays an annual subscription per student for a specific teaching resource. By logging on via the Internet, the school gains access to the range of digital products. With this option, the supplier is often a major publishing house that also sells printed educational materials.
  • The school/region/country gains access to the digital material free of charge. In this case, teachers agree to the appearing of advertisements funding the service.

EMS operates according to both these methods of delivery. We tailor, therefore, a cooperation agreement in the manner that best suits a specific area.

Please contact us if interested in discussing the conditions for your particular area.